When Should I get a Ketamine Booster?

Ketamine Boosters are offered to patients who have completed their initial Ketamine Treatment plan which usually consists of a series of 4-6 Infusions. After completing your initial treatment plan, you should experience total or near-total symptom remission, meaning your pain levels will almost completely subside.

So what happens after remission?

We will have to see how long you stay in remission. Typically, patients experience 2-3 months of complete relief before symptoms begin to come back around. When this happens, we recommend getting a booster infusion to help put those symptoms back in remission before they get unmanageable.

The good thing about Ketamine Boosters is that they are given on an as-needed basis. A Booster treatment only takes 1-2 infusions either monthly, bi-monthly, or every six months. We have found that our patients find the Booster to be very helpful in keeping their symptoms silent.

As always, each patient will be evaluated by our experienced specialists to determine dosage and how often treatment should be offered. We are always dedicated to providing accelerating care and innovative treatment for patients struggling with Chronic Pain, Treatment-Resistant Depression, and Other Mood Disorders.

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