What to bring to your Ketamine Infusion!

Our #1 priority during your infusion is to make sure you are comfortable so you can have the best experience possible! We encourage you to bring anything that will help you relax and enjoy your infusion.

Once you have completed your evaluation and our medical staff determines Ketamine Infusion Therapy will be helpful for you, we advise you to take a few precautions before arriving at your scheduled infusion.

Get a Good Night's Rest & Stay Hydrated

It is very important that you get enough sleep the night before your infusion to ensure you can relax. In addition, we recommend you drink at least 55-64 ounces of water. Being dehydrated the day of your infusion can risk the ability to receive your infusion.

We recommend not eating 6 hours prior

We ask our patients not to eat anything six hours prior to their infusion since the treatment may cause nausea.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

An infusion can take anywhere from one hour to 90 minutes so we recommend our patients wear comfortable, stretchy clothing.

Bring Something To Do

You are welcome to bring anything that will help you feel more comfortable. Our patients have found it comforting by bringing:

  • Journal

  • Coloring book or other meditative activities

  • Water bottle

  • Blanket and/or Pillow

  • Laptop

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