Should You Eat or Drink on Your Infusion Day?

As an infusion patient at NeuroMedici, we ask that you do not eat or drink anything three hours before your infusion.

We do this for your safety and comfort. Some patients go through ketamine side effects during their infusion and are nauseas and even sometimes vomit. We avoid these side effects at all costs to avoid aspiration, this is when vomiting occurs while laying down and causes impaired breathing. Just to be extra cautious, we ask our patients to fast three hours prior to any infusion.

Although this is not required, we advise our patients to eat nutrient-rich, superfoods the days following up to the infusion. Diet has a direct correlation to mental health and we want you to be feeling your best during on your infusion day!

Feeding yourself fuel before your infusion can help reset the digestive tract, calm any inflammation in the body, and get you ready for your infusion.

Check out our superfood smoothie recipes that supply the body with stimulating ingredients!