Saying goodbye to 2020

2020 has been very challenging for all of us, for many different reasons. We have all been put to the test this year, with very little hope ahead of us. Today, you are reading this because YOU survived 2020! Despite everything thrown your way this year, you survived and you should be proud of that!

We compiled a list of realistic goals you can set for yourself in 2021! We are hoping this list inspires you to make the most of this new year along with continuing to practice self-care!

This year was huge for NeuroMedici and without each and everyone of you, we wouldn't be where we were today! We opened our brand new office and treatment space in Logan Square, started 'NeuroMedici', and began treating patients with Ketamine Infusion Therapy! Despite all of the challenges, 2021 has been rewarding to us in so many ways. We thank YOU for your continuous support!

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