Our Ketamine IV Infusion rooms are ready!

We are so excited to announce that we are ready for Ketamine Infusion patients. Making sure our rooms are comforting and cozy was very important when designing the infusion rooms. In the pictures below you can find a massage infusion chair that reclines to your comfort, artwork from our medical staffs family, and a mural designed by a local artist (Artists Instagram: @name_drop).

What to expect when you want to book a Ketamine Infusion:

If you are struggling with mental health or chronic pain and are looking into Ketamine Infusion Therapy, the first step is to schedule your initial assessment. This

assessment includes a series of questions to determine if Ketamine Infusions are right for you-our number one priority is making sure our patients are safe! If we determine that Ketamine Infusions are right for you, we will schedule your first Infusion. We allow our patients to book each infusion separately or you have the option to schedule a series of infusions. Each patient receives a different amount of Ketamine based on your condition and weight, this is determined in your assessment. For your first infusion, we will do a quick assessment of how you are feeling to track your progress throughout your infusions. You are welcome to bring music, a blanket, or anything to do while you are receiving your infusion (such as a drawing book or reading book). Your comfort is very important to us! Once the infusion is finished, you will have one last assessment of how you feel. You must have a ride home organized as it is not safe to drive right after your infusion.

We schedule Ketamine Infusions Monday-Friday.

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