I just finished my Ketamine Infusion: Now what do I do?

It is important we give our bodies the rest and extra care after undergoing a Ketamine Infusion. For the rest of the day, we ask you do not drive, operate any heavy machinery, or make any important decisions until the next day.

We have found it helpful when patients go to their Ketamine Infusion, that they do so with intent. You can set your intentions by writing down how you want to feel after your infusions, find some affirmations that align with your ideal mindset, or by just taking time to honor how you feel before your infusion.

After your infusion is the best time to reflect back on these ideals and practices, opening your mind to new possibilities and lifestyle changes. It is helpful to write down how you feel, how you want to feel, and honoring what your body needs whether that be food, water, or more rest than usual.

Some patients view their infusions as a "reset" and feel this is the best time to take on a new exercise such as implementing meditation or yoga to your everyday routine.

In short, there is no "true" way to recover from your Ketamine Infusion Therapy besides rest and honoring what you feel is right to do during this time. If you feel there is nothing to change after your infusion, that is ok. There is no right or wrong way of acting or doing, this experience is all about you and living your best life possible.

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