How to Prepare for Your Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Ketamine Infusion Evaluations

Before you can schedule your Infusion, you will be evaluated by our medical physicians and Dr.Consalter to ensure Ketamine Infusions are right for you. From there, you will be given a personalized treatment plan that contains your recommended number of infusions and a time frame of when you should schedule them.

Preparing for your Ketamine Infusion

For the day of your infusion, you will want to wear comfortable clothes and are welcome to bring any activities such as coloring books, headphones for music, or a drawing book. We advise that you eat lightly the day before and the morning of your infusion, and avoid food four hours before your infusion. In addition, you will want to arrange a ride to and from your infusion as it is not safe to drive directly after receiving your infusion.

Certain prescriptions may need to be discontinued temporarily before you undergo your Ketamine Infusion, therefore you will need to inform Dr.Consalter of all the medications you take.

What to expect during your Ketamine Infusion

When you arrive at NeuroMedici, you will be assigned a patient room where you are encouraged to get comfortable. You have the option to use the massage feature and/or recline in our infusion chairs. In addition, you are welcome to bring a pillow or blanket to help feel more at home.

Once you are settled in, you will begin your Ketamine Infusion. During your treatment, you may feel an altered level of consciousness. Many patients report floating or tingling sensations, and you may experience very mild hallucinations. Our medical team will be monitoring you often during your infusion including your heart rate, breathing rate, and oxygen rate.

The length of your infusion will vary by your condition. Typically, infusions last anywhere from 45 minutes to 70 minutes.

After your Ketamine Treatment

Once your infusion ends, you’ll have time to recover in your infusion room before going home. We will ensure your vital signs return to baseline levels and that you're no longer experiencing dissociative effects before Dr.Consalter releases you.

You should avoid driving for the next 24 hours and ensure you have time to rest for the next 48 hours. It is normal to feel tired for the next few days following your infusion, be sure to take it easy and be patient with yourself. We will follow-up with you the following day to ensure you are not feeling any unusual side effects.

Seek medical care if you experience any adverse side effects, such as chest pain, shortness of breath, or severe changes in mental status following treatment. These symptoms necessitate immediate medical care.

As you continue your Ketamine Infusion plan, Dr.Consalter will check in with you regularly to decide if your current plan is still whats best for you.

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