How Recreational Ketamine Differs from Medical Ketamine

So, what are the differences between recreational Ketamine and Medical Ketamine?

If you've heard of Recreational Ketamine, you probably know at least one negative stereotype that comes with the word "Ketamine". Medical Ketamine is very different for a number of reasons: quality, the safety of administration, and the intention of what Ketamine is being used for.

The quality of Medical Ketamine

When you are receiving a Medical Ketamine Infusion at NeuroMedici, it is being done intravenously. Someone who is buying recreational Ketamine risks the chance of the medicine being laced with other dangerous substances. Medical Ketamine comes from a pharmacy that has legal standards to meet, ensuring you are getting pure Ketamine.

In addition, the way we administer our treatment, (intravenously) allows us to use a low dose with maximal effects. When using recreationally, the administration is done a variety of ways and typically requires a higher dose to be effective. High doses of Ketamine can cause damage to the bladder and liver, causing additional problems. As with all medication, Ketamine should only be administered by medical professionals to qualified patients.

The Safety of Medical Ketamine vs Recreational

The safety of our patients is our #1 priority at NeuroMedici. Before you can schedule your infusion, you will complete an initial assessment to ensure Ketamine is a safe treatment option. During your infusion, our nurse will be checking your vital signs like your blood pressure, heart rate, and your oxygen level every 10 minutes.

Ketamine can cause some intense reactions and should not be taken without medical supervision. In a recreational setting where it is not monitored at all, you run the risk of reacting negatively without any medical supervision to help reverse effects.

The Intention of using Medical Ketamine vs Recreational

When people use ketamine recreationally, it is often being used as a way to escape reality or disassociate. When using ketamine medically, it is very clear that you are using it to minimize symptoms. At NeuroMedici, we make it a priority to set intentional goals with each infusion. Ketamine is effective in reducing or even completely eliminating symptoms for patients with chronic pain, PTSD, treatment-resistant depression, and other mood disorders. When we treat our patients here, it is with the intent to solve and work through your problems rather than avoid them. We encourage our patients to explore the root of their symptoms with therapy or/and an integration coach.

As you can see, medical ketamine cannot compare to recreational for many reasons. We always recommend that ketamine be administered by medical staff only. If you believe ketamine might be right for you, sign up for a free consultation here.

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