How Being Kind Can Add to Your Life

Random Acts of Kindness Week is February 14-21, 2021. Celebrating fun holidays such as RAK week can add to your life and give you something to look forward to. This week we compiled a simple list of things you can do to show your appreciation to this lifetime.

Random Acts of Kindness:

  1. Pay it Backward: buy coffee for the person behind you in line.

  2. Practice self-kindness and spend 30 minutes doing something you love today.

  3. Buy yourself a plant.

  4. Drop off some flowers at a friend's doorstep.

  5. Write an appreciation letter to someone you appreciate but sometimes forget to tell them.

  6. Have some quiet time and reflect on your biggest accomplishments.

  7. Compliment someone!

  8. Volunteer to help out with an organization.

  9. Go through your closet and donate your clothes to a fellow human.

  10. Write a gratitude list in the morning and again in the evening.

"No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted."


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